What is Magazine Jukebox?

        Magazine Jukebox is a digital alternative to the physical racks nailed to office walls or the piles of magazines heaped on waiting room tables. Today’s culture is quickly becoming more and more technologically advanced. Magazine Jukebox is yet another step toward progress. Just scan one of our QR codes, select a title, and enjoy. That’s not even the best part! When it’s time for the customer to leave the specific location of your business, they’ll have access to the particular magazine they were reading for an additional 36 hours. When that time period expires, all they have to do is return to your business  and scan again for renewed access to the platform. If they like what they’re reading, they can also subscribe to the magazine itself.

Why is it needed?

        Today, technology has advanced to a point where accessing a book, movie, or song online is perfectly normal. Magazine Jukebox is simply another step in that ever-quickening evolution. Although paper magazines are a wonderful tradition, the need for a digital alternative is starting to show. This touch-free virtual magazine rack is a fresh, innovative use of technology that allows for cutting down on paper waste, clearing up clutter in places of business, and is affordable for a business to subscribe to. With this platform, the magazines in the waiting room will never be outdated, stolen, and won’t have to be shared between people.

What are the benefits?

        Today, there is a lot of concern around the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Although this isn’t the reason that this platform was created, it does solve an existing concern for a lot of people. When one person sets a magazine down, there’s no telling how many people could have touched it before. Magazine Jukebox eliminates the concern of contamination by allowing each person to read safely from their own devices.

        Another benefit is the organization aspect. It’s so easy to lose track of the endless subscriptions that you didn’t know you even had. There are whole apps in existence for the purpose of reminding you that you’re paying for something unnecessary. When you subscribe to Magazine Jukebox, it’s a stress-free method of having multiple magazines without the hassle of keeping track of many subscriptions. Just one condensed subscription and all of your magazines are organized and in one place. 

        Magazine Jukebox is also a method of keeping areas neat and tidy by keeping it all virtual. Instead of having piles of magazines littered all over the coffee tables and chairs of your waiting rooms, this digital library stays organized and updated 24/7 with the latest issues. This company also solves the problem of paper waste. Every year, thousands of magazines are either tossed in the garbage can or burned in a fire pit. When everything is online, the waste of paper goes down. In fact, for each 100 locations Magazine Jukebox is in, we are eliminating 7,600 pounds of paper. This, in turn, spares our planet from unnecessary pollution and taxation from paper factories, overrun landfills, and deforestation.