VIPC Awards Grant to Elevate Magazine Jukebox's Digital Entertainment Experience

At Magazine Jukebox, we are thrilled to announce some exciting news that will further enhance the digital entertainment experience for our valued partners. The Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC) has awarded Magazine Jukebox, Inc. a Commonwealth Commercialization Fund (CCF) grant of $75,000. This grant will play a pivotal role in advancing our mission to transform the waiting room experience by introducing a contemporary approach to digital media distribution.

A Vision Born from Necessity

“Our journey began with a passion for magazines and a realization of the impact that COVID-19 had on the availability of physical print media in commercial spaces.” CEO Scott T. Janney envisioned a solution that would cater to the changing preferences of consumers in the digital age while addressing pain points in the waiting room experience. And so, Magazine Jukebox was born.

Today, Magazine Jukebox is a leading digital magazine distributor, with a presence in nearly 10,000 waiting rooms, hotels, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and more across the nation. Our digital magazine platform offers a diverse range of publications, providing patrons with an extensive selection to browse and enjoy while they wait.

A Leap Forward: Magazine Jukebox 2.0

With the generous CCF grant from VIPC, we are taking a significant step forward with Magazine Jukebox.  Our goal is to further improve the customer interface and experience, making it more user-friendly and enjoyable for everyone. We understand that the waiting room experience matters, and we are committed to making it exceptional.

What Can You Expect from Magazine Jukebox 2.0?

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: Magazine Jukebox will feature improvements that make it even easier to access and browse your favorite magazines. Our user-friendly interface will provide a seamless and enjoyable reading experience.

  2. Growing Sales: These software enhancements will not only benefit our patrons but also our partners. By providing a more engaging and modern digital magazine solution, we aim to drive growth for businesses using our platform.

A Thank You to VIPC and Our Supporters

We express our heartfelt gratitude to the Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation for their investment in enhancing our software and helping us create an even more exceptional experience for our partners and patrons. This grant signifies not only financial support but also the belief in our vision to redefine the waiting room experience.

The Power of CCF Funding

The Commonwealth Commercialization Fund (CCF) is a vital component of VIPC’s initiatives, providing support to Virginia-based startups and innovators. This competitive grant program assists high-potential Virginia-based for-profit technology companies in their early stages of commercialization, providing grants up to $100,000. The grants are aimed at supporting early technology and market validation efforts, including prototype development, customer pilots, and intellectual property protection.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

At Magazine Jukebox, we are excited to embark on this journey of transformation and improvement. We invite you to stay tuned as we work diligently on Magazine Jukebox to bring you an even more engaging and user-friendly digital magazine experience.

We look forward to continuing to serve our patrons and partners, making the waiting room experience exceptional. Thank you for your ongoing support, and stay tuned for the future of digital magazines with Magazine Jukebox!

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