A new way to entertain passengers

We provide entertainment options that modernize and improve the travel experience

How it works

Step 1: Select entertainment options for users

Select up to 12 magazine titles, and 8 mobile games to offer in your location(s). These are meant to be customized to match your audience's preferences. For more specific targeting, you can also customize on a location-by-location basis.

Step 2: Set up access points in your location(s)

Place QR Codes for visitors to scan in high-visibility locations. These can be purchased from our print shop upon sign-up or you can produce your own to distribute. You also have the option to integrate Magazine Jukebox into an existing SMS system or app.

Step 3: Users access your geo-fenced content

Users simply have to scan the QR codes or access the URLs to use the entertainment hub. These only function when a user is in one of your locations You have the option to place advertisements in the entertainment hub to promote special deals, newsletter sign-ups, surveys, etc.

Customize the entertainment options for your location(s)

Select your own magazines and games to tailor to your audience. You have the option to select your entertainment on a location basis if you prefer.

Target visitors with unique advertisements

Our partners receive 2 ad spaces to customize. Facilitate transit scheduling, get newsletter sign-ups, share surveys, and more!

SMS and app integration

Our platform seamlessly integrates into SMS messaging services, as well as existing travel apps. Send direct messages to travelers offering them access to games, magazines, and trivia directly on their devices. 

Personalized signage options

We offer signage to fit any business and building layout. We have stickers, table tents, posters, window clings, and more available for our partners to purchase. Our templated options can be personalized with your logos and brand colors. You can also produce your own signage to place inside your location(s) using your geofenced QR code.

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