Increase Your Magazine Subscriptions

Convert potential readers into subscribers

Our innovative blend of technologies allows guests to fall in love with your magazine during their visit. Once their session with our platform is over, we offer readers the option of subscribing directly to your magazine.

Sessions last from the time that the QR code is scanned until 36 hours after the customer leaves the business location.

By partnering with the Magazine Jukebox family, you’ll enjoy the benefit of nation-wide distribution at no cost to you.

Boost Readership for Your Magazine

An easy way to get more eyes on your publication

It’s time to reintroduce the simple pleasure of reading a good magazine. Using a no-download platform, readers will access your digital magazines, articles, and advertisements through business-owner furnished Magazine Jukebox.

Put your digital publication in front of a highly targeted audience of waiting room patrons. At the end of their session, readers will be prompted to subscribe to your magazine title(s). While helping boost readership, we will also provide detailed and valuable data on user engagement and associated reader demographics.

Partnered with eMagazines

Helping publishers create and distribute digital magazines

eMagazines is a software company that helps publishers of premium content create beautiful, mobile-optimized digital editions. Their unique approach keeps users engaged for longer than a typical website or magazine replica.

They supports the complete production of your digital edition starting from PDF, XML, or JSON, with all images, fonts and styles, so your magazine looks beautiful (just like the print version)—whether viewing on mobile or desktop.