Magazine Jukebox Inc. Shenandoah Valley Vacation Spot Massanutten Resort

Norfolk, Va, October 18, 2022 – This week, Magazine Jukebox Inc. announced that it has procured a contract with a popular vacation destination located in the Shenandoah Valley, Massanutten Resort. The resort has been providing the community with employment opportunities and quality lodgings for 50 years. It has climbed to the top of the Virginian game. It has garnered numerous accounts of praise, winning acclaim across the state for the excellence of the grounds and staff. 

Magazine Jukebox is a subscription-as-a-service company that proudly serves businesses across the nation. It does so by providing a green, sustainable method of replacing physical print magazines in public spaces. Ahead of schedule, Magazine Jukebox became an internationally used company after making its foreign debut in the Netherlands. Through the custom QR codes and displays which the company distributes, users can access clean, sustainable magazines from their own personal smart devices. Magazine Jukebox Inc. is based out of Norfolk, Va, and works with a wide array of business types, including salons, car dealerships, medical centers, and any other kind of business that has a waiting area. The company was founded during the pandemic in 2020 and, since that time, has acquired contracts with small businesses and large corporations alike with partners such as Highlands Oncology, Baptist Health of South Florida, Choice Hotels, and various small, local businesses. The Magazine Jukebox platform is currently operational in thousands of locations across the United States and is now available internationally.

“My family and I have been going to Massanutten Resort for over 20 years,” said Scott T. Janney, CEO and founder of Magazine Jukebox Inc. “We have such great memories there. I’m excited to see my company’s services in the places that I frequented in my childhood through my adult life.” 


About Magazine Jukebox

Magazine Jukebox, Inc. is a low-cost, popular, customer-focused amenity for business owners. The Magazine Jukebox, Inc. team provides a simple, customized QR code to a business, giving digital magazine access to an unlimited number of customers using their own devices. This innovation of existing technology is the future of magazines in public spaces; gone are yesterday’s outmoded, wasteful, and unhygienic magazine racks. For more information, visit


About Massanutten Resort

Development of the Massanutten area began in 1971. Out of the 5,200 acres purchased, developers had six slopes cleared and a large parking area completed by the end of 1972. The resort would go on to become one of the top resorts in the state, earning favorable reviews from thousands of visitors. Massanutten Resort boasts many outdoor and indoor amenities, including several ski slopes, pools, and sauna/steam rooms. 



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