Magazine Jukebox Recognized Among Top Tech Startups in Norfolk by The Tech Tribune

Norfolk city skyline

Norfolk, VA – Magazine Jukebox, a trailblazing platform facilitating digital magazine access for patrons in businesses, has secured a spot on The Tech Tribune‘s esteemed “Best Tech Startups in Norfolk” list for 2023.

The Tech Tribune, renowned for its authoritative coverage of technology trends, annually acknowledges standout startups shaping the landscape of cities across the United States. The inclusion of Magazine Jukebox in the “Best Tech Startups in Norfolk” roster underscores its significant impact on the burgeoning tech ecosystem in Southeastern Virginia.

Expressing gratitude for this accolade, Lauren Janney, Co-Founder/CPO of Magazine Jukebox, remarked, “Being recognized among Norfolk’s top startups by The Tech Tribune is a testament to our team’s unwavering dedication and the transformative technology driving our mission. We are honored to share this distinction with other trailblazing companies in our community.”

Magazine Jukebox’s innovative platform revolutionizes the customer experience for businesses and extends the reach of publishers to new audiences. Through a seamless QR code scanning process, businesses can effortlessly distribute digital magazines to all patrons. Moreover, the platform empowers publishers to engage readers even beyond the initial encounter, allowing access to magazines via the Magazine Jukebox app for up to 36 hours post-scan. Notably, user privacy is prioritized, with the platform operating without the need for an additional app or the collection of personal data.

Janney added, “Our platform not only enhances customer engagement for businesses but also provides publishers with a dynamic channel to connect with readers, including those in transit. We are committed to driving innovation that transforms how content is accessed and experienced.”

As Magazine Jukebox continues to thrive within Norfolk’s dynamic startup ecosystem, the company remains dedicated to pioneering solutions that redefine the intersection of technology and user experience. With a focus on innovation and community engagement, Magazine Jukebox looks forward to contributing to the continued growth and success of Norfolk’s tech landscape.

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