Magazine Jukebox Offers an Innovative Way for Businesses to Ask their Customers for a Google Review with 1 Simple Click

Norfolk, Virginia – Magazines Jukebox, Inc., is excited to announce a valuable addition to its platform. Not only does the platform offer magazines, games, and trivia for customers at a business, it also offers custom ad placement for businesses. These ads allow businesses to communicate directly with their customers. Ads can link to pages for newsletter sign up, appointment scheduling, Google Reviews, and more.

Magazine Jukebox, Inc. knows the importance of Google Reviews for businesses, especially those that are small and locally-owned. While customers are entertained and relaxed while using the Magazine Jukebox platform, it’s an ideal time for businesses to ask for reviews. Google Reviews help showcase credibility, improve online presence, and increase sales.

Magazine Jukebox, Inc. appears in nearly 5000 locations in businesses around the globe. There are many businesses currently utilizing Google Review ads through the Magazine Jukebox platform, including Knott’s Coffee in Virginia, Queen City Laundry in Ohio, and Mathews Dental Group in California.

“We added Magazine Jukebox to our 4 laundromat locations in hopes that it would increase our customers’ experience along with gaining reviews via their 1 click review feature. We are happy to share that both of these goals have been a success. Our customers love Magazine Jukebox and we love their reviews!” – Dave Menz, Laundromat Millionaire owner of Queen City Laundry.

The Magazine Jukebox, Inc. team forecasts that this new ad option will bring great value to their partners, increasing tangible benefits of utilizing the platform. This is an exciting milestone in Magazine Jukebox’s journey and opens the door to more possibilities on ROI for their partners.

“We provide entertainment for your customers while also giving them the opportunity to leave a Google Review with 1 click. Google Reviews are a really exciting option on our platform. We can now help businesses enhance not only their customer experience, but also their online presence, thus giving businesses a return on their MJB investment.” – Scott T. Janney, CEO & Co-Founder of Magazine Jukebox, Inc.

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