Magazine Jukebox, Inc. Welcomes I Am Unbreakable Magazine™ to Digital Magazine Platform

Norfolk, Virginia — Magazine Jukebox, Inc., will be adding I Am Unbreakable Magazine™ to its portfolio of digital magazines. The new magazine will debut in January 2024 and will be an addition to the already popular podcast led by I Am Unbreakable™ Global Media. This unique publication empowers women’s voices by creating a supportive and inclusive platform that amplifies their perspectives, experiences, and achievements. The goal is to create a world where every woman can freely express herself, shape her own narrative, and inspire positive change. Inside, the reader will find stories told by a diverse group of authentic collaborators and impactful thought leaders from all corners of the world.

The force behind the magazine is Adrianne Fekete, founder of I Am Unbreakable™ Global Media. Based out of Toronto, Ontario, the media company has been building for over two decades. Adrianne is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, an award-winning serial entrepreneur, and an author. Her passion is empowering humans to create confidence and to follow their dreams, regardless of gender or obstacles. As the first woman in North America to own a private investigation and security agency, she knows first-hand what it’s like to be a woman in a male predominant industry. Adrianne believes it is the combination of a fearless mindset, resilience, and an old-school work ethic that has led her to the belief that empowered women empower women.

Adrianne shared that “in the January issue you will find true stories from real women, it’s rare to find all these rockstar stories in one place, there’s even a section dedicated to the fellas because outstanding men deserve to be celebrated for being champions for the women in their lives. This is essential for women’s leadership because they will rise further, faster, when they know the men in their lives have got their backs.” Reserve your copy of the publication on the I Am Unbreakable™ website. Adrianne added “I’m excited to be working with Scott from Magazine Jukebox and his fabulous team, it’s been an amazing experience that has been second to none.”

Scott T. Janney, Co-founder & CEO of Magazine Jukebox, shares his excitement about this new addition to the Magazine Jukebox collection of digital magazines. In the Biztainment Weekly podcast (sponsored by Magazine Jukebox) episode that aired in September 2023, Scott had the opportunity to talk with Adrianne about her story. On the show he stated, “Women need a platform more than ever today, a platform to talk.” When Scott asked Adrianne to explain her business, she shared “I Am Unbreakable™ is a community geared to featuring, lifting, empowering women of all ages, but also of humans. We do feature a lot of females that are in male predominant industries. But quite simply, it’s about storytelling.”

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