Magazine Jukebox Inc. Partners with TIME Magazine to Revolutionize Digital Reading

Norfolk, VA — Magazine Jukebox Inc., a leader in digital publication solutions, proudly announces its strategic alliance with TIME Magazine, marking a significant step towards enriching digital reading experiences nationwide. This collaboration aims to redefine access to premium content through Magazine Jukebox’s advanced digital platform.

Driven by a commitment to innovation, Magazine Jukebox has been at the forefront of reshaping the magazine industry, embracing sustainable digital solutions while expanding its reach across various commercial sectors. With a vision to surpass traditional print publications globally by 2023, Magazine Jukebox has rapidly expanded its presence, serving diverse venues such as salons, car dealerships, spas, and medical centers.

Under the leadership of CEO Scott T. Janney, Magazine Jukebox has fostered partnerships with esteemed organizations like Highlands Oncology, Baptist Health of South Florida, and The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg, extending its network to over 700 locations nationwide.

The transformative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of digital innovation, with mobile apps and QR codes becoming essential tools for content dissemination. Magazine Jukebox’s platform, accessible via any smart device with a camera app, offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional print media.

Scott T. Janney, CEO of Magazine Jukebox Inc., expresses excitement about integrating TIME Magazine into their offerings. “We are thrilled to provide TIME Magazine to our clients and their guests,” says Janney. “This partnership reflects our dedication to delivering unparalleled reading experiences.”

TIME Magazine, with its global readership and esteemed reputation, becomes a valuable addition to Magazine Jukebox’s curated selection, further enhancing the platform’s appeal and reach.

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