Magazine Jukebox Inc. Introduces Highlights for Children and High Five Magazines to its Digital Platform

Norfolk, Virginia – Magazine Jukebox Inc., a leader in subscription-as-a-service innovations, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Highlights for Children, an esteemed children’s magazine with a rich legacy dating back to 1946. In addition, Magazine Jukebox is excited to include High Five, a cherished companion publication, into its diverse offerings. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Magazine Jukebox as it unveils its cutting-edge digital magazine rack, designed for commercial spaces, providing seamless access to both Highlights and High Five magazines through its innovative platform.

Magazine Jukebox continues to revolutionize magazine distribution by offering businesses across the nation an eco-conscious alternative to traditional print media. Through custom QR codes and displays, patrons can easily access environmentally sustainable digital magazines via their personal smart devices. Since its inception in 2020 amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Magazine Jukebox has rapidly expanded its presence, serving diverse business sectors including salons, automotive dealerships, medical facilities, and more.

John Toraason, Chief Operations Officer of Magazine Jukebox, expressed his enthusiasm for the addition of Highlights for Children and High Five to their offerings, stating, “Highlights holds an esteemed position in children’s publishing, and Magazine Jukebox is honored to welcome them into our family.”

Driven by the global shifts precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Magazine Jukebox’s digital magazine platform aligns with the widespread adoption of mobile applications and QR codes, effectively replacing traditional items such as menus and newspapers. Accessible via any smart device equipped with a camera app, the platform presents a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to printed magazines.

In its commitment to enhancing the reading experience, Magazine Jukebox extends digital magazine access beyond the immediate session, offering readers up to 36 hours post-visit to continue engaging with their chosen publication. Moreover, readers have the opportunity to subscribe to the magazine for ongoing enjoyment. Currently operational in over 400 venues, Magazine Jukebox anticipates expanding to thousands of enterprises by year’s end, including over 6,000 individual locations through its collaboration with Choice Hotels International Inc.

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