Magazine Jukebox, Inc. Honored as "Top to Watch" Recipient at 2023 Small Business Awards

Norfolk, VA – Magazine Jukebox, Inc., a trailblazing digital magazine platform, has been recognized as the “Top to Watch” recipient at the 2023 Small Business Awards, hosted by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce. The  accolade was awarded upon Magazine Jukebox, Inc. during a gala luncheon event held on May 2nd at the Chesapeake Conference Center, coinciding with the National Small Business Week festivities.

In a testament to the vital role played by small businesses in driving economic growth and fostering innovation, Lauren Roberts Carter, representing the Hampton Road Chamber of Commerce, underscored the significance of the award, stating, “Small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities, serving as engines of economic vitality and job creation. With their contributions extending to over 95 percent of all employers and accounting for a significant portion of the nation’s gross domestic product, it is imperative to celebrate and support their endeavors. The selection process for the ‘Top to Watch’ award involves a rigorous evaluation by a panel of industry experts to identify businesses that demonstrate exceptional promise and potential.”

Expressing gratitude for the recognition, Scott T. Janney, Co-Founder/CEO of Magazine Jukebox, Inc., remarked, “We are deeply honored to receive the ‘Top to Watch’ award for 2023, and we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce for this distinction. This recognition reaffirms our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clientele. At Magazine Jukebox, we view entrepreneurship not merely as a career pursuit but as a dedication to enhancing the customer experience and driving positive change in our communities.”

Magazine Jukebox, Inc. stands at the forefront of digital magazine consumption, offering a revolutionary platform tailored for commercial spaces. With a focus on convenience, sustainability, and hygiene, Magazine Jukebox, Inc. enables businesses to transform their waiting areas into engaging digital hubs, eliminating the need for physical magazines and cumbersome app downloads. Through a seamless QR code scanning process, patrons can access a diverse array of magazine titles on their personal smart devices, enhancing their experience while reducing environmental impact.

For businesses ranging from hotels, hospitals, and salons to cafes, gyms, and beyond, Magazine Jukebox, Inc. offers a versatile solution designed to elevate customer engagement and satisfaction. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative business models, Magazine Jukebox, Inc. exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship and forward-thinking vision.

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