Highlights for Children Counterpart High Five Collaborates With Magazine Jukebox Inc. to Give Readers Green Alternative to Paper Waste


Norfolk, Va, August 25, 2022 – Last week, Magazine Jukebox Inc. announced a contractual agreement with Highlights for Children, a respected childrens’ magazine that has been in circulation since 1946. Additionally, Magazine Jukebox also added High Five, a counterpart of Highlights, to the company’s selection of publications. The company developed a digital magazine rack for commercial spaces, which will allow readers of both Highlights and High Five to enjoy the magazines while using the platform. 

Magazine Jukebox is a subscription-as-a-service company that proudly serves businesses across the nation. It does so by providing a green, sustainable method of replacing physical print magazines in public spaces. Ahead of schedule, Magazine Jukebox became an internationally used company after making its foreign debut in the Netherlands. Through the custom QR codes and displays which the company distributes, users can access clean, sustainable magazines from their own personal smart devices. Magazine Jukebox Inc. is based out of Norfolk, Va, and works with a wide array of business types, including salons, car dealerships, medical centers, and any other kind of business that has a waiting area. The company was founded during the pandemic in 2020 and, since that time, has acquired contracts with small businesses and large corporations alike with partners such as Highlands Oncology, Baptist Health of South Florida, Choice Hotels, and various small, local businesses.  

Magazine Jukebox is currently contracted to be fully operational in thousands of businesses by the end of the year, a contract with Choice Hotels International Inc. pushing the number to over 6,000 individual locations. The COVID-19 of 2020 changed the world and inspired many new advancements and innovations in the technology world, including Magazine Jukebox’s digital magazine platform.

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic changed the world and sparked a nationwide shift to mobile apps and QR codes, which have replaced many common items like menus, newspapers, and, now, magazines. Magazine Jukebox’s platform is available for use through any smart device that possesses a camera app. The platform delivers a sustainable, ecological alternative to the physical print magazines of the past. Through its custom QR code displays, Magazine Jukebox Inc. is thrilled that young users will have  an easy and convenient way to access Highlights in waiting rooms all over the nation. While Magazine Jukebox already offers several prestigious publications like TIME, People, Better Homes & Gardens, the company’s leadership is happy to bring a children’s magazine on board to cater to all ages. 

“I have been in children’s publishing for 30 years. Highlights has always been the beacon all children’s publishers follow.” says John Toraason, Chief Operations Officer of Magazine Jukebox. “Magazine Jukebox is honored and proud to have them as part of our family!” 

Magazine Jukebox, Inc. combines an innovative blend of technologies that allows guests to access digital magazines during their visit, and up to 36 hours after. This provides guests an opportunity to finish their magazine at home. Once a session with the platform is over, Magazine Jukebox, Inc. offers readers the option of subscribing to the magazine if they choose. Magazine Jukebox is currently located in over 400 locations.


About Magazine Jukebox

Magazine Jukebox, Inc. is a low-cost, popular, customer-focused amenity for business owners. The Magazine Jukebox, Inc. team provides a simple, customized QR code to a business, giving digital magazine access to an unlimited number of customers using their own devices. This innovation of existing technology is the future of magazines in public spaces; gone are yesterday’s outmoded, wasteful, and unhygienic magazine racks. For more information, visit magazinejukebox.com.


About Highlights High Five 

The first issue of High Five was published in January of 2007. A counterpart of Highlights for Children, High Five was intended to appeal to the children of a slightly younger age bracket, from ages two to six years old. Like its predecessor, Highlights for Children, High Five has found success as a major children’s magazine and an extremely popular publication in the United States. 



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Chief Operations Officer

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