First Team Automotive Partners with Magazine Jukebox Inc. to Enhance Customer Experience Through Digital Entertainment

Norfolk, Virginia — First Team Automotive, a cornerstone of the Hampton Roads automotive community for over seventy years, announces a strategic alliance with Magazine Jukebox Inc., a leader in digital entertainment solutions, aimed at elevating customer experience within their facilities.

Magazine Jukebox Inc. has been at the forefront of transforming the consumption of written media, particularly in waiting rooms, through cutting-edge technologies such as QR codes and geofencing. This partnership reflects Magazine Jukebox’s dedication to offering eco-conscious and convenient entertainment options. With established contracts with prestigious institutions like Baptist Health of South Florida, Magazine Jukebox is set to introduce its state-of-the-art services to First Team Automotive’s locations by the end of this year.

Scott T. Janney, CEO of Magazine Jukebox Inc., expressed his excitement about the collaboration, affirming, “I’m delighted to witness our expansion into the automotive sector. First Team Automotive’s dedication to customer satisfaction perfectly aligns with our goal of enriching the waiting room experience.”

Dustin Edmonds, General Manager of First Team Automotive, echoed Janney’s sentiments, highlighting the decision’s simplicity in enhancing guest experience. “Magazine Jukebox offers our patrons a plethora of entertainment options easily accessible on their personal devices, making it a natural fit for our dealership,” Edmonds commented.

Magazine Jukebox, Inc.’s innovative technology not only grants guests access to digital magazines during their visit but also extends the experience for up to 36 hours afterward, enabling readers to continue enjoying their magazines at home. Furthermore, the platform provides subscription opportunities for interested readers. With over 400 locations nationwide already benefiting from Magazine Jukebox’s services, the collaboration with First Team Automotive signifies another stride toward revolutionizing waiting room entertainment.

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