People En Español

We are thrilled to welcome our first Latin American magazine to Magazine Jukebox! As one of the most influential and trusted voices in the Hispanic community, People En Espanol is one of the largest publications in the United States. They have a readership of over 6 million people; they are also the winner of the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Spanish Language Magazine. 

           Our company is proud to be diverse and we are actively working toward getting more magazines for our customers who are fluent in different languages to enjoy. We are on a mission to keep our selection diverse and relevant to the people of all communities with the goal of expanding internationally. We have recently partnered with several medical facilities in the Miami area, which is a hotspot for bilingualism. In the coming year of 2022, we will be adding even more Latin American titles to the repertoire, and we are beyond excited to make our platform more accessible and diverse for our users.

           People Magazine was established in the mid-70s to replace Life, which was canceling its weekly release status. While Life focused on major world events and the lives of ordinary people. The primary focus of People is celebrity news and human interest articles. Unlike its predecessor, People was unique because of its mission and its purpose;

           “We’re getting back to the people who are causing the news and who are caught up in it, or deserve to be in it. Our focus is on people, not issues.” – Richard Stolley, Founding Editor of People 

           Since its origin in 1974, People has only become more and more popular with every passing year and is now one of the best-selling magazines in the entire world. In spite of the enormous impact Life had on the news industry and the massive shoes that it had to fill, People magazine has become even bigger and more influential than anyone imagined.

           People and People En Espanol belongs to Meredith Corporation has produced several magazines which are critically-acclaimed, such as People, HGTV, Coastal Living, InStyle, and more.

           As always, we are all about diversifying and getting magazines out there for people to read. We are currently inviting more publishers and magazines to join our platform and help them gain readership for their publications. If you are a business owner or you know someone who is, feel free to check us out! We are actively offering subscriptions to our platform and we would love to have you aboard!