Dotdash Meredith

         At Magazine Jukebox, we boast a wide selection of magazines for our customers to enjoy. While we bring a new method of accessing the periodicals to the table, we would be up the creek without paddle if we didn’t have our publishers. Today, we want to talk about one of the leading media conglomerates in the United States, Meredith Corporation.

         The company was founded by Edwin Thomas Meredith in 1902 and soon published the magazine, Successful Farming. The magazine gained popularity quickly, going from 500 subscribers to 500,000 subscribers in a matter of 12 years. Twenty years after the founding of the company, Meredith began publishing a magazine named Fruit, Garden, and Home. The magazine did poorly, however, until the name was changed to the now-familiar title, Better Homes & Gardens. This familiar magazine only became more popular as the years went on; it ranked as the third most powerful magazine in the United States, only surpassed by Reader’s Digest and National Geographic.

         Today, Meredith Corporation is proud to have over 180 million American subscribers, including more than 80% of millennial U.S. women. Along with Better Homes & Gardens, Meredith boasts some of the world’s most famous magazines, such as PEOPLE, InStyle, Southern Living, and more. They are also the publishers through whom Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of the world-famous show, Fixer Upper, have decided to publish their popular magazine, Magnolia Journal                    

         As the #1 magazine operator and largest premium digital content network for American consumers, Meredith Corporation is a powerhouse and a valuable partner. If you want to read their story for yourself, check out their story here.