David Tyre Recently Hired By Magazine Jukebox As Chief Sales Officer and Newest Member of C-Suite Team

Norfolk, Va, August 8, 2022 – Magazine Jukebox Inc. announced today that David Tyre, former Vice President of Business Development for Zoox Smart Data, has been named Chief Sales Officer for the company. Tyre was also the director of sales for AirWatch and was an invaluable asset to the operations of both businesses. Magazine Jukebox Chief Executive Officer Scott T. Janney said David will focus on improving the efficiency of the sales division.

Magazine Jukebox Inc. is a digital entertainment company that provides a clean, efficient alternative to physical magazines for public, commercial spaces. As a company that is steadily growing in popularity, Magazine Jukebox is on track to be available globally in subscribing establishments by the first quarter of 2023. Through the custom displays that Magazine Jukebox distributes, businesses are able to offer patrons with clean, sustainable, and green entertainment from their own smart devices. With QR codes, users can access the platform and enjoy publications like People, TIME, Fast Company, HGTV, etc. without volunteering any personal information or downloading an app.

Magazine Jukebox, based out of Norfolk, Va, works with many different types of spaces, including salons, car dealerships, spas, medical centers, and more. The company has formed partnerships with a diverse range of respected businesses all over the United States, like Highlands Oncology, Baptist Health of South Florida, and The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg, among many other companies. Magazine Jukebox is currently contracted to be in more than 700 locations by the end of the year.

“I can’t be more excited about David joining not only Magazine Jukebox’s staff, but our C-Suite team,” said Scott T. Janney, CEO and founder of Magazine Jukebox Inc. “The experience and talent that David possesses is unmatched, and we are truly lucky to have him on our side.” Though he has only been with the company a short time, Tyre is credited with connecting with a number of national and international businesses as well as improving the strategies of the sales team, which are critical steps for Magazine Jukebox.”

“Magazine Jukebox is well on its way to becoming the leading provider of digital magazine content and I am thrilled to join this organization,” said Tyre. “I believe the company has a tremendous opportunity to capture market share and is positioned for explosive growth, now more than ever before. The best part is that we’re just getting started!”


About Magazine Jukebox

Magazine Jukebox, Inc. is a low-cost, popular, customer-focused amenity for business owners. The Magazine Jukebox, Inc. team provides a simple, customized QR code to a business, giving digital magazine access to an unlimited number of customers using their own devices. This innovation of existing technology is the future of magazines in public spaces; gone are yesterday’s outmoded, wasteful, and unhygienic magazine racks. For more information, visit magazinejukebox.com.


About David Tyre

David began his career as a member of the United States Military. He served in both the US Marine Corps and US Army, where he possessed ever-increasing responsibilities and leadership roles. For his leadership and dedication to his duties, he was promoted quickly and was awarded numerous citations for his excellent performance. In addition, he completed two tours of combat during his 14 years in the military. After he left the active duty service, David transitioned to IT Solutions and worked as a contractor for the US State Department, deploying security software across US Embassies worldwide. This ultimately led him to the hospitality industry, where he has spent the last 20 years. 


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