Baptist Health of South Florida Press Release

Coming to Baptist Health of South Florida, Magazine Jukebox is a unique blend of creativity, innovation, and green technology. Magazine Jukebox is the world’s first digital magazine rack that does not require an app. The company is looking forward to working with all 100+ Baptist Health locations, including the Miami Cancer Institute. Demand for Magazine Jukebox is on the rise because it’s a digital alternative to the outmoded magazine racks commonly found in most waiting rooms.

Magazine Jukebox provides patients and visitors with a more enjoyable waiting experience. When clients visit a business that subscribes to Magazine Jukebox, they can scan special QR codes and instantly access a selection of nationally recognized magazines.

Magazine Jukebox is prepared to launch nationally on January 1st, 2022. The company is currently taking orders around the nation. While medical centers are a foothold, the platform is also popular in hair salons, coffee shops, and resorts. You can find further information on the company via or speak to a member of the team at (757) 606 – 9100.