Looking to advertise to a targeted audience?  We can help place you in front of prospective customers from thousands of locations that have Magazine Jukebox set up in their locations .  You can select from three ad options on the digital magazine platform.  

Target Your Audience

If you have an audience, we can help you get in front of it.   We service across multiple industries including hospitality, automotive, healthcare, dining, etc.  Talk to us and we can identify placements that best meet your advertising objectives.  

Intro Ad

This advertisement is 450 x 350 and is displayed before the user enters the digital magazine rack.

Banner Ad

This advertisement is 350 x 100 and is displayed on the digital magazine rack during magazine selection.

Outro Ad

This advertisement is 450 x 350 and is displayed after the user exits the magazine to return to the digital magazine rack.

Advertise On Our Signage

Interested in something else?  We are also offering advertising on our signage that we offer our businesses.  They insert their QR Codes and order physical signage that is displayed throughout the location for their customers to scan.