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We are a B2B software company specializing in entertainment solutions for businesses. Your customers scan the QR Code on their mobile devices to effortlessly access digital magazines, games, and trivia. Our service is perfect for waiting rooms or anywhere with stationary customers! 

Trusted in 4900+ Locations Across the Globe Including:

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Accessible and Germ-Free for Customers

No app, login, or download required. Plus, it helps stop the spread of germs by eliminating touch points.

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Saves Space & Money for Businesses

Creates a clutter-free environment and reduces magazine subscription costs.

Boost Google Reviews

Our platform offers you the opportunity to display custom targeted ads. You can ask for 1-Click Google Reviews right at your customers’ fingertips.

How It Works

With Magazine Jukebox, businesses receive a unique QR Code that contains their customized digital entertainment options, including magazines, games, and trivia. These businesses display signage featuring their QR Code in high traffic areas. Customers scan the QR code on their mobile devices, select entertainment options, and enjoy. No app required.

"Magazine Jukebox is years ahead of anything else out there."

Mr. William Carter

Executive Director, Consumer Revenue

Hearst Magazine (Magazine Jukebox Publishing Partner - get started today)

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