Elevating the customer experience

Magazine Jukebox is an entertainment hub with games, magazines, and trivia for businesses to offer their visitors

Offered in 4900+ locations worldwide

Benefits for both businesses and their customers

Unlimited access

Customers can read the same magazine issue simultaneously


Helps eliminate the spread of germs amongst visitors

Easy to use

No app, login, or download required to access entertainment


Digital experience eliminates paper waste and disposal


Reduces magazine subscription costs and other customer experience costs

One-click Google reviews

Ads can directly link to a business's Google review page

Improve the customer experience in 3 easy steps

Magazine Jukebox is a low maintenance entertainment solution that is customizable for any business

Choose entertainment options

Choose 12 magazines, and 8 games from a selection of 60+ options to offer in your location(s)

Set up access points

Place QR Code signage for visitors to scan in high-visibility locations, and/or integrate Magazine Jukebox into an existing SMS system or app

Integrate your own ads

Place custom ads into the Magazine Jukebox platform that can drive Google reviews, promote new products, offer discounts, etc.

“Every business decision we make has overall guest experience at the forefront. When evaluating Magazine Jukebox and how it fit into that, it was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made for our dealership. The ability to provide our sales and service guests so many entertainment options to enjoy through the comfort of their own personal device was a no brainer.”

Dustin Edmonds, General Manager

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